Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ok so weigh in today at WW..was very nervous about it as I thought I had not lost anything, but as luck would have it...I did! Lost .5 so just 1/2 a kg, which I was disappointed with at first, but then realised a loss is a loss, so now I am happy. Hopefully will do better this week.

Had a great day, spent the afternoon kicking the ball around at the park with the kids, our usual tuesday afternoon activities. Working tomorrow, which will be good I really enjoy it, it gets my head around something else other than everything else going on.

So back on track, hopefully another 1/2 kg next week. Have joined the message boards on ww for gwea, so here we go...oh and happy April Fools Day!

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Elisha said...

YAY .5 is great, well done!! I love your pic there in the sand, very cool =)