Monday, May 19, 2008


Well been off air for a couple of days, just had a cruisy weekend, hanging around and just you did nothing really. Dh had to go to Brissy for work so myself and the kids hung at home. Freckles whipped me at Uno 7 times..until I made her go to bed because I was so humiliated. I then had a chick flick night, watche P.S I Love You,...and promplty balled my eyes out..and then watched Then she found me...with Helen Hunt and Colin Firth..awesome, go see it when it comes out. Then Sunday went to a house auction for a sticky then coffee at a friends, we then came home and had a big family nap, and then, the kids rode bikes in the street for hours, whilst dh read a book and kept an eye on them...Love Lazy sundays... Then dh went to work and I watched Gone Baby Gone..brilliant movie..loved it, see it. Other than that, today was cool, just another Monday, the boy decided it was dress up day, firstly as Lightning McQueen, and then as maybe Bono???? daddys beanie, mums slippers and big sisters snow dome?
Other than that, got a walk/jog in which was great...its getting cold, but still gonna do it.
Till tomorrow...

Grateful for...
1. my dh, the way he looks at me, and his beautiful smile.
2. my friendships, I am blessed
3. tucking my babies safely into bed at night
3. makes me feel good
4. giving something up..sometimes it is a good thing, the end is the beginning is the end.....

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