Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well today I am feeling really exhausted, just totally washed out.
So spent the morning chilling in my pj's, then took a table and chairs that dh had painted to work for our patio at work, it actually looks really good. Then went to a new nursery that we had financed for their grand opening so that was ok. We then came home and all crashed out for a lovely midday sleep. Then just did some general around the house duties.
But I am just totalled today, so a dvd (Lions for Lambs) and an early night are on the agenda.
Just sitting around having some nice red and a chat with my sister in law and her friend at the moment and then will get the kiddies into bed so I can relax.
It is still pouring here, so very cozy.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Elisha said...

Lol made a few bucks dunno about the big bucks! Will update tomorrow im sooooooooo exhausted. Loved the little comment last night - red wine and all I lovers you too chicky. xxx Talk soon. xxxxxx