Saturday, June 28, 2008

Date night & the weekend..

Ok so last night hubby and I had a "date night". We are a little low on the funds at the moment, with trying to purchase a home, so we had an oppurtunity to head out for a few hours sans kiddies. My lovely sister in law and her friend came and looked after the babies for us..Anyway so I made them yummy weight watchers Nachos and we took off to see "You don't mess with the Zohan"..that was great, excellent light and hilariously funny movie (big Adam Sandler fans here people] Anyway when we left home I had a headache which gradually developed through the movie into a lovely migraine! So we left the movie grabbed some chinese take out and went and sat by the river and ate it..before I nearly passed out from dizziness and nearly threw up...Very romantic as you can see...anyway we did manage to have conversation without interuption, and spend some time finish the night I came home, got in my pj's and crawled into my bed with my baby boy..whilst dear hubby fell asleep in front of the tv in the living room..even more romantic..oh well there is always next time.

The House..again..
(see really bad video tour in previous blog)

The front of the house

Saturday, woke with the same migraine, dragged my sorry butt out of bed and went and met my mum at the house we are looking at we get there and look at the house and then head to the park for hot chocolates and talk for a few hours about the said house..I think we might make and offer this week...will keep you posted.

The Retro Kitchen...I do love it..really I do.
My mind is spinning with all the fantastic things we could do to it...mmmmm exciting and scary all at the same time!

The Pool..ooh wee..says Freckles..

Then we came home, I went back to bed, the boy came with me, dh and freckles took off on the bike to get it fixed at a mates place, we all got together at dinner for dh's yummy red wine and beef casserole with mashed potato, and then everyone went to bed, except me..I am here doing this..and visiting all your lovely sights...
So school holidays have begun here, two weeks of no uniforms or school lunches..woohooo. Got a few little adventures planned, nothing too full on..but looking forward to pyjama day...
Anyway, here are some pics..oh and I watched Definately, Maybe during the week...loved it..and am totally smitten this week with Ryan here is a gratuitious shot of him...LOL..

By the way I have been super rubbish on the weight loss front, no excercise it is officially 112 days until we go on summer holidays with some of our friends, I am officially putting myself on notice to lose 10kgs by that I can feel comfortable and not the fat chick in the group..I have however kicked..yes officially kicked my full strength coke habit...I am down to one can per week..yes that is right, fridays I have one can...the rest of the time it diet coke..oh how I love you diet coke...anyway lets see how we go...112 and counting...

thankful for...
1. being able to read and write...a lovely thing I can do that alot of people in the world cannot.
2. being here with my babies tonight..
3. my slippers, they keep my toes warm.
4. my mum, for travelling 4 hours round trip to look at the house today...legendary
5. Nurofen..for numbing the throbbing pain in my head..

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