Thursday, June 26, 2008

House Inspection

Ok, so we are looking at houses..yes, we are thinking about buying a house here on the coast..So we went and looked at this house today, we have alreday looked at it once, but this time we got to actually go inside...mmmmm, and's a doozie!
So have a look, but be warned, it is a RENOVATOR for sure..let me know what you think. Oh, and please please please excuse the really rubbish filming...I am totally rubbish at it and my camera is broken, so everything is out of focus..fantastic hey..dont know why I bother..
Cheers.........please see above

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Belinda said...

Hey Chick - house hunting - how excitement - personally I think a renovator is a better way to go so you can put your own touches to the place - would love to see the place but I can't get your vid to work ! Take care Bel :)