Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is...

This best op shop find.
This is NOT an actual picture of the item in question....but it is an actual representation.
I found this fabulous ginormous Marimekko Unikko Poppy fabric wall hanging at a garage sale...I picked it up for a grand total of $15 is huge and is currently unphotographable as my camera is broken...oh I have just remembered I have a pic on flickr...will put that on
I was soooooooooo gobsmacked and I love love love it...I have recently taken it off the frame and had it dry cleaned and it is wrapped in plastic awaiting a new home..hopefully soon..I love it and cannot wait to get it up on the wall..this Cheers..
This is a pic of freckles and myself last year, in front of said Marimekko wall hanging...

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Elisha said...

Love your wall hanging chicki, but i think the thing i noticed most about this picture is how much your baby girl looks like you! So many features are similar, its just lovely... 2 incredibly beautiful people! xxxxxxx