Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a weekend..


Ok so it was Freckles Birthday this weekend..and what a weekend it was.It started on Friday with Junior sports day at school, which was way cool fun, and she got a blue ribbon for a first place in her sprint race! (proud mama). Then it was on to nippers tryouts..the old 25 metre swim and 1 minute tread, no problems for the mermaid...done and dusted, then it was home for pizza with auntie jazzy..whilst I cracked open a bottle of red and continued the adventures of making the cake whilst hubby fell asleep in front of the footy..cake done at around midnight..but was a huge success the next day! Had a lovely birthday, I made a birthday present hunt so she had to find all her pressies by reading the clues..she loved it *highly recommend it*. Anywho lots of rip and tear and then dad cooked bacon and eggs..yum and then we went and looked at a house to buy *more on that later* and then waited for Aunty Michelle (her godmother) Uncle Steve, and baby Samuel to arrive and spend the day... then we sat in the warm sun and had beers and birthday cake and fish and chips and had a fabulous day! Then today we got up and went out to a great little secret cafe that we love for breakfast, had a huge walk along the river and then came home and crashed out for a lovely sleep!

All in all a fabulous weekend, freckles even told me when she went to bed that it was her best birthday ever! Very cool I that is it, the festival of Freckles is over for another year, cannot believe it has been seven years since she grew in my has gone way to fast..but I love every single minute..thank my darling for choosing me to be your mummy, I am forever blessed.Hope you all had a good weekend.
Grateful Sunday..

Just for my girl..that she is here for me to love, and love me in return, no questions asked. xo

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