Monday, September 15, 2008

busy day...

Ok so today was a busy day, I was very tired, but had a few errands to run. So we took freckles to school and she wanted to do show and tell about her few days away, so we went with photos, goop, a lizard thingo, the lot..then off to the op shop (where we picked up a few things, photos to come) and then to the post office..then home again. The boy had a complete meltdown, but then we came home and snuggled down for a movie and a cuddle.
My babies then went for haircuts today. Freckles has beautiful blonde hair that is very fine but there is alot of it. It gets very knotty, and I mean very, like dreadlock knotty, overnight. So last year she had her rapunzel type hair chopped to her shoulders, then she grew it a bit, cut it..etc..but now summer is coming and with that lots of swimming, so we had a few discussions while we were away because it was getting all dready again, and decided that we were going to get it cut again..and whoa, you should see her pics just yet, but will have some up tomorrow. My boy also got a cut and was sooo cute, seriously, we bribed him with a kinder and he was gorgeous. Anyway have included a little quesiton thing I saw somewhere, just know that if you have read this you are tagged......
I AM … grateful for all that I have.
I WANT… an Eames rocker
I HAVE … the most spirited daughter and the most adorable son.
I KEEP … trying
I WISH I COULD … bring my dad back.
I HATE … inconsiderate people.
I FEAR … something happening to my babies
.I HEAR … a lot, but sometimes don’t listen enough.
I DON’T THINK …. sometimes
I REGRET … nothing.
I LOVE … my family, my friends and chocolate
I AM NOT … a bad mother.
I DANCE … when no one is looking.
I SING … a lot of nursery rhymes, and out loud in the car
I NEVER … want to hurt anyone, although I know it has happened and probably will again.I RARELY … make time for myself.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … something about a dad and daughter.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … patient, or well dressed.
IHATE THAT … I am not always patient enough, and that I don’t think I am a good mother.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … love, life the universe.
I NEED … a dirty weekend away with Mr Petrie
I SHOULD … stop worrying about everything.

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