Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig!

Well we are home from our mini-break at the fast-paced and full on Gold Coast. Unfortunately hubby had to work during the day, but that is ok, we still had fun! (sorry hubby).
So anyway we had a great time lots of swimming and eating and walking, laughing and sleeping! It didnt all go so smoothly though, freckles ended up with a decent bout of tonsillitis again! We ended up at the hospital at 4.45am, sat there for a good 3 hours, saw the doctor, got the medication, and then went out to the car and found I had a flat battery! ..Called the mobile mechanic who then proceeded to tell me I needed a brand new battery..there goes $135-, freckles and I missed breakfast (bummer)..anyway we soldiered on (really hard to do) and had a fantastic time. We spent an evening wandering around the night markets at the beach and went out to dinner. We also went on an adventure walk looking at all the fabulous sights and sounds. I had a lovely relax as the kids begged me to go to the kids club, I got to sit back relax, read a few magazines have a nap, do some shopping it was lovely. We also go to do some good work with some real life wildlife warriors, helping them raise money for the kangaroos joeys they had saved, I am sure the freckles could have sat there all night. We came back on friday and went to Mum's and spent the day helping her in the garden.
We then came home on Saturday night as freckles had to start nippers this up early 6.30am, and down the was glorious and warm and lovely, then we came home and had a lovely cooked brunch that hubby whipped up and the siesta's all round..a great week all round..

We also have some big news..hopefully will be able to tell about it next week.

Have a great week everybody!

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