Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well here I am..

Well here I am, back again and what a week.... very busy busy busy, doing lots of bits and peices..the following is pretty much a run down..

Took the boy to a twins birthday party on Saturday, was very hot and we had a lovely time creating and eating cake..we then came home for a lovely nap before heading off down the street for an evening bbq with some friends..all in all a great Saturday..

School Holidays : Day 1 :
Spent the day at home on Monday just chilling out, the kids did some painting, I did some washing, we watched a dvd and then I dropped the kids off at a friends so I could do some groceries without being hounded..then freckles had her friend Miss T come for a sleepover...

:Day 2:

Went down to Del's place this morning for "Playgroup at the Beach". We met there and then all walked down to the beach for a morning of fun in the sun, then we all came back and had lunch under the shade of the trees.. then a lovely afternoon of pottering at home and naps..a good day..once again...

Tomorrow hubby and I are heading off the big city for the day to do some things, so need to get some sleep..

We have some big news that I will share tomrrow...

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