Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Heart flip-flops..

I love shoes, am I not is hard wired into me, there is NOTHING, I repeat nothing that will change that..well unless I didnt have feet I suppose. I can never have enough shoes, but alas my bank balance dictates my love affair..anyway..I do have a new pair of shoes for summer..they are these little sweeties below..

They are by Gilsele (yes the supermodel) for the brand can get them here. Anyway I got mine in good old downtown Yamba last week, as did all of us girls, opting each for a different colour but same style..and I have to tell you..these are sooooooooooo comfortable I love them. Now I have to tell you that I have been a die hard Havaianas fan for a good 8 years, I have a trillion pairs, but these babies are just too good..anyway check them out for yourself..(mine are actually copper colour, these ones are gold). They also help the environment when you buy you know do it! Happy flip-flopping!

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