Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thrifted Tuesday...

Welcome to another instalment of Thrifted Tuesday!

I was away last week but did manage to sneak a very quick visit to a teeny little op shop in Yamba and picked up some yumminess..and here it is!

This little piece of lovely.. a set of groovy retro sheets in perfect condition.

A sweet little bowl with lid...just loved the bird and heart but loved it even
more when I opened it up and it said faith.

I really love this plate. I picked this up in Yamba as my little souvenir to myself.
Whilst we were their we did a lot of yabby-ing, and caught a crab, also lots of seafood.
I just thought this reminded me of our time their, and I love the colours and the glossiness.

Another vintage tablecloth, think I might make cushion covers out of these.

And lastly I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago..this cupboard on wheels I picked up at the oppy for $10. One of our local daycare centres closed down and donated all their fittings to goodwill...lucky me..if only we werent going on holiday I would have bought a hundred things!!!!
I love the colour, the space, the castors everything..woo hoo!
Thats it for this week..xo

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