Monday, December 8, 2008

All in..and reminder!

Well we are officially all in our NEW house, and we are soooo excited..the kids love it, we love it and we are now thinking of all the things we want to do..all in good time. In the meantime today we did this -
- attempted to make breakfast in a kitchen with no knives, and on bread that we soon discovered had gone mouldy from the weekends humidity...yuk!
- unpacked a few million more boxes..still overrun with them.
- put up the christmas tree with the kids..that was fun (pics to come)
- attempted to cook dinner..a really yummy fresh steamed vegies with marinated lamp chops...mmm, but discovered the following, still cannot locate a knife, or a chopping board, the oven is unusable ( you will see why when I get a chance to post a pic!), the microwave isnt working, I dont know how to turn on this particular gas stove, and the bbq is out of gas, also when hubby came home and did discover how to turn on said stove, it too was gas-less! A little like me at that we ate FRESH bread with butter toast, followed by nutri-grain! MMM yummy..not! The boy piped up and said we are not supposed to have breakfast now! LOL.

Anyway all in all not a very productive day, but I dont care I am in my very own house again..woohoo!
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Love & other catastrophes,

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Emerald Arts said...

Hahaha classic story, such adventures ;) We usually had family distasters when Dad was out, things breaking, children injuring themselves. Once my sister fell off a trampoline and on the way to the hospital to see if it was broken my nose started bleeding. The doctor came out to tell mum that it was indeed broken and my nose starting bleeding again. The doctor wanted to report my poor mother as a child abuser, but the nurses there knew her and told him not to be silly :P

I posted about your giveaway on my blog :)