Monday, February 2, 2009

cushy love!

Ok, so following the LOVE is another thing I am lovin at the moment
Sweet cushions from OIive
These cushions are just so adorable, I want all of them, but my favourite is the Personalised Postcard ones.

Eco bamboo white cotton on the front and fleece the matches the ink on the front, this pillow is shaped like a postcard and will have your personal message on the front. And address can be added too. They feature 2 stamps and the red stamp will have your city and state written on the inside. It is all handwritten and drawn so it looks like a real postcard. You can have whatever you want written on them. I am definately putting this on my wants list!

Check her our here.

PS - I am lovin the rain we are having here at the moment to..and the tnt express guy who totally delivered today! xo

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