Sunday, March 22, 2009

just some stuff...

spotted this on google yesterday. I love Eric Carle he is one of my all time favourite authors,
and this book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is a sentimental favourite.
well the weekend is over and we are on the edge of another week. My week is going to be filled with lovestamping, emailing, school runs, cabinetmakers, plumbers, daycare, a quick visit to church (more on that later), kids and more kids, lunch making, netball and maybe an eyebrow wax..(pretty please Jodes??) What does your week look like?
Had an absolutely fabulous dinner with some lovely new frined Jonah & Ben and their gorgeous twins last night. Super fun, didnt want to go home, could have sat around that table all night long. Other than that the weekend was pretty usual, finished up with our favourite family siesta today! OH and I am finishing this week off with a girly dinner on friday night, cannot wait!
Anyway just some images that I spotted lately that i loved. Nite xo
i heart tattoos, really i do, I have 3 myself, but this one is just awesome, from elsiecake on flickr

chris parry bump ring, have been ogling this one for ages, my b'day in a couple of weeks may have to splurge, get yours at

sweet shoes from

sweet little doilly plates from

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