Thursday, March 12, 2009

real life day 3

me, domestic goddess...not!

well day 3, and guess what? It is still raining cats and dogs here, a hangover from the Cyclone Hamish. You know I even looked at some gumboots today, it rains alot here, and you know what I am gonna get me a pair of those boots!! So there! Anyway onto day 3 of real here it is...

a super rad "Slurpee - the human canvas tee" this was brand spanking, still with tag. Did my research, apparently there was some cool comp to design a shirt and this was the winner! shes all mine now!

the family in the family room
did some "domestic goddess" type duties today..a little this and that. whilst doing this and that snapped a few pics of corners of my home that I sorta like. We are just about to start renovating so things are not up on walls or unpacked from boxes in their entirity yet. So I just have these crazy groupings everywhere. I am a russian doll freak, and one of my besties got this brought to Australia for me all the way from Dubai for christmas. Schweeet!


This is smack bang when you come in the front door. The bamboo cabinet was my dad's, he had it since forever, but gave it to me along with a matching table and chairs, and a daybed. I still have the daybed and they mean more to me now, since he has gone. The rooster painting I picked up at the op shop for $2 and I adore it, especially the green in the feathers on the tail.
The oval mirror was given to me by my father in law. The big box, holds wine bottles, the sillouhette bust i got from Evolve at Peregian, the painting with the words I bought at a garage sale, and the camera is my dear hubbys

brown & blue

This fabulouse 4 drawer cabinet was given to me by my lovely sister in law, it was in her room as a child. It is quiet retro, although you cannot see it in this pic (another time) so I painted it up this awesome, bluey-teal colour with white surround and white handles...I love it. The mirror at the back was from the op shop for $1, the buddha bust was from the oppy for $2, it was a lamp but didnt work, the painting behind the buddha was from the op shop ( no idea how much), the blue vase thing is actually an oil burner and was 50c, the photo in the middle is of my boy when he was a wee baby, and the basket holding the ipods, well i have no idea where that came from.

the "good room" as kath day-night would say (oh and my mother)

This is in the "other lounge"
The cabinet which you can only see the top of I picked up at the op shop after one of the local daycare centres closed down, it was $10 bucks, will get better pics one day. The books all from Salvos are for my mum, the lamp was from target, the pregnant belly frame I bought when I was pregnant with freckles and it has her 20 wk ultrasound pic in it. The two paintings leaning are from L to R, a fingerpainting I did when I was three at preschool, and the other one is a fingerpainting that freckles did when she was three at preschool, will have to get the boy to do one!


this is a very big dark wooden pidgeon hole cabinet, that someone named "Bevan" (name has been changed to protect the guilty as sin!) happened to come across one day in the depths of some apparent government storage area some 12 years ago. It was once used to sort mail. How it got to my place, I have no idea, but thanks "Bevan" It now holds an assortment of photos, memorabillia, toys and of course 5 trillion interior design magazines.

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