Tuesday, March 10, 2009

real life

the boy and I went to the post office, he loves ringing the bell in the little window to get the mail before the post office actually opens.

so i was browsing one of the many million blogs that i go to late at night or early morning and came across a lovely little blog post talking about real life, just you know finding the lovely in the ordinary and everyday. (When I figure out where I saw it I will let you know! So anyway inspired by this i am just going to spend the next few days sharing the real life. I have lots of things going on this week, and hubby is away doing "important work stuff". So the kids and I are fending for ourselves. I have lots of lovestamp stuff going on and orders to fill.
so here is some real life....


making lunches...again....

our p o box

cyclone hamish is still hanging around and causing wind and rain...great weather to snuggle up in bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep......................if only!

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