Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lest we Forget.

Anzac Day

Let us remember all who fought to bring us the freedom in our country that we love and cherish.We will remember them.

Sonnet for ANZAC Day
Sound the Last Post again,
lest we forgetthe freedom that we cherish has been bought -
not found like mushrooms in the field;
the debtis ours to pay,
mindful of those who foughtand fell -
yet still they held the torch aloft!
May we remain as zealous to withstand the traitors who would make our fibres soft,as well as enemies beyond the land.
The trumpet has the power to move us still,and though the debris of a flood of yearslies over hand and mind, an aching thrillcomes rising perilously close to tears.
Sound the Last Post to hold the memory bright,then sound the Rouse and keep the torch alight.

Alf Wood
We are off to the big smoke to enjoy said freedom with our family at my mother in laws 70th birthday, which is today. Hope you all enjoy the freedom and lifestyle we are so priveliged to have. Have a great weekend!

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