Friday, April 3, 2009


My name is Jogirl and I am an Interior Design magazine addict.
I know, I know I should kick the habit, but I just cannot.
I have tried, I have culled back really I have, but I still have a million trillion
of these 'babies' stacked in different corners of my home.
ask anyone who visits, i am a virtual library.
So to feed my addiction this week two of my very favourite Australian editions came out this week
I am a subscriber, so I dont have to even seek out my addiction, it just gets popped in my letterbox, all lovely and gorgeous, calling my name.

Real Living & InsideOut are my biggest addictions. I have every issue, and when i say every, I mean every single issue from the day they were convceived.

So I am going to spend some me time this weekend, while it is STILL raining, and devour these two lovlies in my possession. This will be done in between, the kids, the house, a birthday party, netball, etc etc etc..but it will happen.
What have you got planned?

**most of the pics on this page are from the lovely rachaels home, the rest I have no idea, because I fall in love and that is that.**

2 little pieces of your mind:

Chuck LaPenta said...

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

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kaz said...

i was about to sit and blog about my addictions and guess what?? these 2 mags are right up there on my list. i have my real living here ready to open with my coffee. thanks for the smile. and understanding my addiction. men just don't get it!
kaz x