Friday, April 17, 2009


well school holidays have been going for a week now, and it has been very quiet around my house. Not usually a word you associate with 'school holidays' but this time it is true.

My gorgeous bestie came up last weekend with her equally handsome husband, and supremely divine son - Samuel. They stayed for the whole long weekend and we indulged in a few fine beverages, some yummy cheeses, a lovely meal cooked by one said Steve (the handsome one), some wine, and of course LOTS of chocolate eggs. It was HORRIBLE weather so we, read, slept, ate, laughed and played, it was great! On Monday they had to go home (sad) and Freckles piped up and said that she wanted to go home with them! So she packed up her bag and off she drove into the sunset, off on an adventure to the Big City with her godmother beaming! So that left me with the boy, and no school holiday child! Oh what to do! She has had a fabulous time int he Big Smoke, and as I type this is still there! She was supposed to return to her mothers arms yesterday, but arrangements got changed and so she is staying until tomorrow when I will make the trek to pick her up...gladly! She has bounced from one godmother to another, spent a couple of days with her cousins and now is probably tucked up in bed with her Nan (my mum) fast asleep. She did have time in her busy schedule to send me an email! It was very sweet, and we have talked twice a day on the phone as she has recounted her adventures, the ferry, walking across the bridge into the city, swimming, playing at the creek, dancing, laughing and being spoilt rotten. I am so glad she has had an exceptional holiday, even though i have played little part in it. I am missing her though, so I am off to bed so I can get up early and go get my girl!

Have a great weekend.

Ps the blog giveaway has been extended until next friday, so tell everyone! xo

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