Wednesday, April 1, 2009

today i did..

Ok so you know you have those days when you dont know what to write on your blog...hello I am there. So here is a list of what I did today..exciting no?
1. got up checked email, played with kids
2. got them ready for school, daycare, made lunches, brushed teeth...blah blah blah.
3. sat down with my sister in law and her new squeeze and chatted until school time
4. took the boy to daycare
5. took freckles to school with Aunty J, stayed and watched her sing in the choir on parade, oh so cute.
6. went to some outlet stores with Aunty J & Miss Tammy. Bought nothing. Aunty J bought these super cute Jellies for freckles for her birthday in August. These are something she has wanted all summer long, but mean mummy said they are too expensive, but Aunty J says 'she must have them' good on you Aunty J!

7. went to another outlet but closed
8. went to Salvos, scored an awesome little chair (pics tomorrow) and a jacket and yummy jumper for winter.
9. dropped Aunty J home and headed down the coast to meet hubby.
10. went to handsome brads shop and looked at white/stainless steel goods for the kitchen reno.
wish I could buy this fabulous fridge, but alas cannot.

multi stripe smeg fridge photo by scallydandan on flickr
11. went and got lunch with hubby, at Hungry Jacks of all places! Shhh dont tell the kids!12. came home, went and layed down for a nana nap as I have been exhausted.

13. checked emails, replied blah blah
14. picked up girls from school, came home and referreed them all afternoon! Just one of those days!
15. needed to cook dinner, didnt want to so hubby cooked Canadian Pancakes, kids were super excited to be having breakfast for dinner (happens a wee bit in our house)
16. clean teeth, stories, cuddles, kisses, conversations, wee's and then kids in bed.
17. watched 'Farmer wants a wife finale' cried ( I am a sook)
18. sent out some more emails whilst chatting to hubby
19. writing this blog
20. gonna go to bed!
That is it a day in the life of me. Exciting?....NOT!
Till tomorrow xo

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Chuck LaPenta said...

LOL, sorry I just have to laugh. I have days like those and hate it. The worst feeling in the world for me is at the end of the day, I don't feel like I accomplished anything.

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