Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the week that is..

well it has been an interesting week here so far. Lots of varied events, some ups, more downs. Freckles has a sore tooth, she has a piece of popcorn wedged in a gap right up the back of her mouth, in a gap where there should be no gap. We visited the dentist yesterday and will be back there first thing in the morning, to say she is frightened is an understatement! Other than that, been very busy with lovestamp, lots of orders to fill and will back in the workshop tomorrow tap tap tapping away! My camera is still broken and in at the 'camera hospital' getting fixed! The boy is good, we are in the middle of weaning him off a cup of milk in the morning and one last thing at night, we were finding he just would not eat food and just fill up on milk. This has been laziness on our part as it was just easier, but this week it has gone, for good! And oh my, how he can eat! We have also gotten rid of the dreaded kitty litter from our sweet kitty buttons..we want him to go outside, like he should, no accidents to report yet, but I am sure they will come! Hubby is just hubby, doing what hubby does! love ya babe!

Regarding Jack, our lovely beautiful friend who is in intensive care, we get updated regularly, all day long. The boys have taken it upon themselves to sort of start up an email updating service which has been fantastic, as no one needs to bother the family. The email we got tonight was gut wrenching, it was a blow by blow of the last few days, from the minute it happened up until now, in all its detail. To say that hubby and I were in tears is an understatement. She is still extremely ill and is going to be air lifted via Royal Flying Doctor service sometime in the next 24 hours from Cairns to Brisbane for specialist care. We are heading to Brisbane on Friday and plan to catch up with her husband and visit her as soon as we can on Saturday. All our love thoughts and prayers are with her, her husband and her 3 beatiful babies.

I am off to kiss my babies goodnight, and linger a little longer.

goodnight all. xo

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Jennifer said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your friend Jo. i will keep her in my thoughts. hope things look up for her soon!