Monday, May 25, 2009


Well...lots has been happening around here in the last week or here is the rundown!

1. Freckles had her tonsils out last Monday morning. To say she was super brave is a complete understatement, she was a tower of strength. She had a bit of a meltdown the night before, but who wouldnt! The morning of surgery she was so strong and brave, we had to get to the hospital very early, it was cold and wet and she was starving, but I agreed not to eat or drink either as a show of solidarity. Luckily she was bumped up the surgical list so we only waited 3 hours till surgery, which was enough. They forced us to get all "dressed up" into our hospital pj's, her - a purple adults gown, paper knickers, a bright pink fluro net hat, and sweet little blue shoe covers, Me - same minus the undies! This was her only point of distress, those dreaded paper undies..and who could blame her. So we sat and watched reruns of Quincy, yes Quincy can you believe it! Mum turned up for moral support just before Freckles went in, I went into surgery with her till she fell asleep and to say it was creepy is an understatement, she had to lay on a 'slab' and it was just weird. The put her off to lala land with some great friday night feeling gas, and I promplty burst in to tears! Lucky mum was there to console me in between laughing at me as we realized I had just walked out the front of the hosipital ( yes ok, for a cigarette! I know I know...smack me, smack me now!) still wearing my lovely shoe covers and fancy fluro hat!

Spent the next hour wating for her to come out, and she did, with bells on, not very well, not very awake, very groggy, and a bit sick, but great, one super proud mum here.

We stayed overnight at the hospital and as you can imagine it was filled with checking obs, taking pain medication, kids crying and screaming, buzzers going off, but all in all we were happy, me in the fold out, her in the big bed with complete control of the remote and Nickelodeon going all night...if I EVER see Spongebob again...seriously I will slash something!

Back to mums on Tuesday for some good old tlc, then supposed to come home on Wednesday, but got stranded due to crazy weather. Home Thursday and just recovering from then on in. She is doing much better now, and may even go back to school tomorrow..Yay!

2. In other news, the boy had a fab birthday party Saturday, lots of fun, laughs, cake and playing.

3. The hubby decided to cut down a dead tree and not so dead tree in the front yard on Saturday, in gale force winds, rain, oh and at dusk...why? why me? Anyway, it is done and looks soooo much better.

4. Lots of new stuff going on with lovestamp, have a few mags interested, a couple of calls from editors looking to put my stuff in, wont reveal which ones yet as dont want to jinx it!

Also some brand new designs, just released yesterday...have a look.....

Oh and I also have a new website...check it!

5. I will be attending the Mathildas Market in Brisbane on the 19th of come on in and say hi, and buy lots of lovely goodness. It is held in the Auditorium of the Brisbane City Hall, so rain, hail or shine, we will be there! Check this link out to view some of the great talent I will be sharing space with that day!

6. Also the Kids Fashion Review Hunt starts on June 1, lots and lots of fabulous prizes to be won! Dont miss out, you could win one of my lovely Silouhette necklaces! Just go here to check it all out!

That is it really, lots of lovely stuff...oh and one more thing...

A huge congratulations to my gorgeous friend Karen who gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl last Tuesday. Her name is Libby Jan, and she went home today..after more than ten years of trying I cried when I heard she was here! xo

Have a great week! xo

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