Tuesday, June 9, 2009

300 + 1.........................oh & a giveaway!

So wow, I was looking at my blog reader today, and noticed a little number at the top..it was

Yes, I know, I couldnt believe it either, where has the time gone?
Anyway 300, oh sorry now 301 posts later and I have met new people, seen lovely items, started a business, and lots of other things.

So to celebrate this little milestone, and because I havent had one yet, I am having a giveaway!

So here is what you will win.....one of my brand new designs..

Ok so here is what you need to do to enter my little giveaway...

I want you to leave a comment with the funniest name you have ever heard, you know like baby name or persons name etc. My lovely friend Sonya and I have this ongoing banter about it, whenever I hear one I call her up just to make her either cry or belly laugh, it is hysterical..now I want to hear yours..come on you know you have some hidden away..

Ok I will start you off...Epponnee-Ray, Daisy Boo, Peaches Honeyblossom and so on, you get the idea. Now dont get me wrong, I actually love crazy names, considering my wee ones are named Ruby-Star and Hudson, I cannot really comment, but with parents named Jo & Joe I had to name them something a little kooky. So come one, spill them, I cannot wait to hear, oh and pass them on to Sonya!

Oh and if you blog about the giveaway you get 2 more entries..woohoo..make sure you let me know.

Giveaway closes Sunday 14th June at midnight.
Winner will be chosen at random by one of my wee ones!

So go one, enter!

15 little pieces of your mind:

Anonymous said...

this is the name my sisters ex boyfriend called his first born....

Alexandra Honeybee i won't put the last name but it is 10 letters long!!!!


NJTM (kfr)

willywagtail said...

I still think finding Kermit in my American baby name book was pretty cruel, especially as it was printed after the muppets became famous! Cherrie

Anonymous said...

a little boring but i once ksomeone called james james, as in first and last name :)

Anonymous said...

oh sorry my name is letta too and i had the james james suggestion

danielle said...

ok wow- have i got some doozies!

uummm how about a set of twins called Bo and Tai- no matte which way you say it its a cracker- Bo tai, Tai Bo!!

Or a friend with the surname Over- called their son Keelin...so wrong...

Or a guy that i work with called Wayne Kerr...Now i know that every one says they know someone with this name, but i really do- at every awards ceremony for work, everyone laughs into their glasses...poor guy!

Or a client of mine called Mrs Rose Plant hehe too cute! especially coz she is about 95 and smells divine!!

and a little less cooky but very individual a good friend of mine had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and named him Oakley....his middle name is Ray- lucky their surname isnt Ban!!

Off to a good start?

Love your giveaway, and your blog..so thanks for the chance!!

Megs said...

well someone that I know just named their child Angus Sam Stewart - did they not write it down before they decided on that and go, oh no his initials spell ASS!!! That is pretty funny if you ask me!

Heather said...

I know a girl named Abcde - pronounced like ab-see-dee. No joke. Not sure what her parents were thinking. Very original though, have yet to meet another with that name.

Annah said...

OK so my names are a little sadistic... all siblings BTW!

1. Torcha
2. Dainja
3. Poizhen

These poor children (I wonder if they'll live up to their names!)... Don't you just love the play on the spelling... LOL! Maybe the Mother had some bad birth stories???

Peta said...

Umm, how about Jason Lee (from my name is Earl) naming his poor son Pilot Inspektor? As well as Lewis Lewis (Kate Langbroek's son). I think we've gone the opposite way naming our children, we were pretty boring! Love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

ok I think Rykeir is one of the weirdest..not to mention his middle name, Rainmaker (or Rainman, I'm not sure what it was)..well, lucky boy, eh?!:D

Handmade in Israel said...

I know a Frances Francis. Some of the ones that have been mentioned are hysterical (and a little cruel!)

Teresa said...

I went to a Birthday party last week and three of the wee girls were named
Dezire, Intruige and Heaven.

Kezia said...

I have a couple for you,

Storm Drinkwater (1st and last name of a real person)

Zeplyn ( My friends baby girl, she is nicknamed Zeppy)

I am a huge fan of interesting names- my name is Kezia after all.

Stephanie and Carlos said...

HAHAHA... I have too many,
In primary school I had a friend Alexandra and her brother was Alexander. Always struck me as really silly.

People ask my sons name and he says Bear (although people don't expect it and think they have miss heard him). It's actually his middle name given to him by Moo his big sister... Moo lol see that's funny and they are my own children too.

Knew a girl called Crystal Kleer... hehe.

xo Steph

Teresa&Kingston said...

After replying to this blog I was talking to my sister about different names when she reminded me of a girl who was in my form at college. Her name was Sendirella, pronounced Cinderella!