Monday, June 15, 2009

and the winner is...

Hi Guys sorry it has taken so long to draw the winner...I have two wee sick ones at home today so have been run off my without any further ado...

Drum Roll Please..........................
All the names were put inside one of my favouirte Cath Kidston bags..
And then The Boy drew out the winner...the winner is..........

Congratulations Stephanie, you are the winner of this months giveaway..

I will contact you shortly to grab your details!

Thanks for entering everyone, only a couple of weeks till the next pop on back to check!

Here is the official list of names I got..and to say I nearly peed my pants over some of them is an understatement...Go on have a chuckle!
Alexandra Honeybee
James James
Bo Tai (twins names)
Keelin (with surname Over)
Wayne Kerr
Mrs Rose Plant
Oakley Ray (lucky surname not ban)
Angus Sam Stewart (intials ASS)
Abcde..yes I know!

Siblings named - Torcha Dainja Poizhen
Pilot Inspecktor
Lewis Lewis
Rykeir Rainman
Francis Francis
Dezire, Intruige and Heaven. (sisters)
Storm Drinkwater
Alexander & Alexandra (siblings)
Sendirella (pronounced Cinderella)
Crystal Kleer

2 little pieces of your mind:

danielle said...

lucky stephanie!

PS- how cute was your little draw- from the basket, to the font you used for the names in the hat! love it : )

Little Diva said...

Hi Jo. Just letting you know, I've tagged you for "Favourite Photo" if you're interested. See my blog post here:

Christine xo