Thursday, June 18, 2009

happening stuff..

Well, lots has been happening around here, busy busy busy. Freckles was off school from Mon to Wed as we thought she may have the swine flu, but thank goodness she didnt. We made a flying visit to Brisbane to see the ENT specialist for a followup on the tonsillectomy, all good with that.
Busy on lovestamp too, creating lovely orders for the lovely ladies to be posted tomorrow..a couple of sweet new things coming out in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

Highlight so far this week, a visit from my Aunty & Uncle up from Melbourne. My Uncle Rob is my dads brother..I have not seen him since a couple of days after my dads funeral, so it was a bitter sweet reunion. We had a lovely dinner and dessert and sat around laughing and talking till late into the night, it was really fabulous. It has affected me a little, no actually alot, as he and my dad are very much alike, and it just brings home the fact that I am NEVER going to see him again, a fact that I struggle with daily as I have not dealt with my dads leaving at all. But that is a whole other story.

our dessert bar creations at sizzler that we could not finish!

I also fulfilled a promise I made to Freckles in hospital, that because she was so brave, and because she has wanted to for like...ever..wanted to go to Sizzler, yes I know, Sizzler. Personally I would rather stick burning hot needles in my eyes, but a promise is a promise, and we happily went off to Sizzler on Tuesday night with Nan in tow. Freckles had a blast, Nan refused to eat anything, and I had the most expensive steak ever that was about the size of squash ball, but it was all worth it to see the big fat smile on her face. I was so proud of how brave she was. But Sizzler, sorry we WILL not be gracing your restaurant anytime soon, trust me on that!

The other news is Freckles got her report card this week, and it was tremendous. She has done really well in rather adverse conditions this term and we are super proud of our girl..well done baby girl xo

Tonight we have the annual school art show to attend, my sister in law is here for a visit for a couple of days, and one my besties and her peeps are heading up tomorrow for the night..yippee, we are also heading to a Solstice party on sunday arvo..busy busy busy.

Have a great weekend!

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