Monday, June 29, 2009

look whoooo whoooo arrived today...

Ok that was super bad, please forgive me, but it just had to be done!
This morning after dropping freckles off for a sleepover at a mates place, we headed to do some errands, op shopping, grocery shopping, post office...when we got to the post office we found we had a whole pile of parcels to pick was like christmas.
We came home and did a bit of rip and tear, and of course the boy headed straight for the biggest box there. He ran and got scissors, and lets just say I am glad it was a sunny day because we sat on the front porch and cut and cut, and guess what came out of that box......

My babies, well a mumma and baby owl, all care of Christine from Little Diva!

Back story...on my business card I have this sweet little owl (as yet unnamed) and I am doing a few markets in July and am trying to come up with some sort of creative way to display my items and make my table more interesting, soooo I decided I wanted some softies made of my owl, and a baby....also I just love these so much that I had to have them and it was great excuse! I put out the call on skout and KFR and had lots of lovely replies...but Christine really touched me, so we did a swap, she made my owls and I am going to make her a piece from my awesome is that!

Arent they just darling! I love them. The boy just fell in love with them, and has told me that his big sister cannot have them when she gets home tomorrow! I cannot wait to get these babies on my table for the markets.

Please pop on over and have a look at Christines sweet store Little Diva, she has beautiful frocks, gorgeous softies, all beautiful and fabulously crafted!
Thank you so much again Christine, it has been an absolute pleasure! xo

3 little pieces of your mind:

Jennifer said...

SO cute! i love seeing my little owl come to life. really great idea, Jo!

Little Diva said...

Thank you so much Jo. I really enjoyed creating them and I'm really glad you love them... Christine xo

Boutique Markets said...

they are very very cute! can't wait to see them at the july market!