Saturday, June 6, 2009

market day..

Happy Saturday, we got up nice and early and guess what..IT WASNT RAINING!
So with happiness in our hearts and not a brolly in site we headed to the Eumundi Markets for a day of treasure hunting, and fun.
We wandered around looking at all the gorgeous things, I want to buy a skirt and lots of other things, but just ended up buying some earrings. Freckles had money to burn, and the boy just wanted a toy. Everyone got what they wanted and big yummy lunch to boot!
Also discovered the most gorgeous bookshop that I could spend 2 weeks in and took Freckles in there. I asked her is she wanted to look at the childrens books and her reply was "No mum, I want to go look at the science books and find a book about physics!" well after I had picked my mouth up off the floor, we did just that! Ok then Miss Einstein! We also stopped at the Christmas Shop and ooohed and ahhhed over all the lovely things!
A great day, came home, had a nanna nap, and dinner, a lovely day with the family...

Hopefully we can all do it again tomorrow!

2 little pieces of your mind:

danielle said...

sounds like a lovely day! i am a brisbane girl, but have never been to eumundi markets before! was thinking of heading to the markets today, but wow- what a storm!

Hope you have another lovely day with the family today...what a smart little cookie you have : )

BonTons said...

I love those markets, haven't been for a while. Ha "Book about Physics" hope she stays keen when it's taught at school!