Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mathildas Market -the wrap!

So last sunday i had the pleasure of being apart of Mathildas Market at Brisbane City Hall.

mum & I working hard!

To say it was a blast was an understatement! It was so much fun, and I especially loved seeing all those gorgeous rounded ready to pop bellies, ( i could hear my ovaries screaming at me!) Mum came along to give me a hand and had just as much fun. Lots of lovely people popping over to say hello, new customers gained, and old customers who popped over to see the new stuff! Lots of comments from people who read the blog - HELLO - you know who you are so thanks for sharing, I am glad someone reads my ramblings! LOL. Lovestamp had a great day and was recieved so well it actually overwhelmed me! Lots of lovely other stalls, and we were between the gorgeous girls from Three Little Trees & the luscious ladies from Details Details, so we were very lucky. Only thing is we kept wanting to eat the Details Details display! But they didnt let us slip out without some chocolates, lollipops and a cupcake each, thanks ladies, sugar high was definately called for.

freckles & the boy enjoying their details details lollipops!

Also a big shout out to Sue & Rob for coming all the way into town just to visit me, sans kids and with no one under 7 in their family it was a big call! Super appreciated! xo
Lovestamp will be back at Mathildas in November so do pop over and see us.
Thanks Anne and the team for putting on a fabulous and beautiful market!

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Little Diva said...

Looks like it was a great day. A pity I didn't do that one instead of the other one but you just never know what the day will bring!! Thanks so much for handing out my cards - I think I'd better start making some owls!! I've got quite a bit of sewing to do at the moment so I think I might do a post on my blog that some will be on the way! Will send some cards this week - can you please send me some too as I forgot to get some from you. Thanks, Christine xo

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Jo, looks like a great day! love the lolly pops! yum!

I wear my kids close to my heart everyday thanks to your designs :)