Friday, July 24, 2009


my little lovestamp made it into some press this week in a big way, well for lovestamp anyway!

Firstly there was the August Edition of Practical Parenting.
My Heartling was featured on their page for New Things for mum page...I was so excited.
I have been inundated since this appeared and it has only been 48 hours. So thank you to Practical Parenting for believing in my little lovestamp, and welcome to all my new lovestamp lovers!

Secondly a little closer to home, I did an interview a week or so ago for the local Sunshine Coast Daily, our big regional paper here. It was for their friday glossy mag ESP. It came out today and when I got it, I was a little embarrased, it took up 3/4 of the page! Anyway, also exciting, especially for freckles who thinks it is really "cool mum" check it out below!

Off to bed now...yippee!

2 little pieces of your mind:

Little Diva said...

How exciting.. Well done!! Christine xo

danielle said...

Congrats you famous little thing!!

Enjoy : )