Monday, October 26, 2009

sun, music, friends & beer!

Joeboy, Jogirl, Mary & Terry

So on the weekend we were very lucky to get a "leave pass" and head on down to Caloundra Music festival with my best bud and her husband to celebrate his birthday.

It was awesome weather and the accommodation was awesome, right on the beach and right in the middle of the action.

A fantastic weekend was had by us all. Probably a little too much drinking, heaps of laughing, a little dancing, maybe some slightly illegal shinnanigans, some colourful saris, some hilarious dancing by Mary (go the robot!).
our boys!

A gorgeous sunday spent browsing the local markets, eating a magnificent breakfast, listening to a little more music, a little nanna nap...and then home.

cool mummas

It was an awesome weekend Mary & Terry, thank you for letting us be apart of it!

Same time next year??

Oh, and big thanks to the Mums, Eileen & Jenny who took care of our little peeps so we could go play up a little. xo

I conquered my fear of Ferris Wheels, I succumb to peer pressure, and with the help of a little beer!
and later on in the night....

PS..there is some video footage, but I have been informed I will be killed if I post it.heeeeeheee.

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mimoo said...

jo I am so jealous!! you looked like you had heaps of fun
see you tomorrow :-)