Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All the pretty horses..

Melbourne Cup day today!

All the horses where out trying to prove themselves..all the young ladies frocked up to the hilt. All the young men looking dashing in their suits.
Me..I hung with some girlfriends, some new, some old.
It was a lovely afternoon, thanks del!

If I had of been going to the actual Cup Race in Melbourne today...in my dreams I would be wearing maybe something like the above and below....

I didnt win on the race today, but got a place with 'Crime Scene' so yay!

Hope your nag got up in the end!

Bottoms Up!

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billy boy & mia said...

that dress is stunning, would have been perfect for the races!

PS. I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award :) http://billyboyandmia.blogspot.com