Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goodbye 2009..

Ok so tomorrow night is new years I really dislike "resolutions" because I can never ever stick to them, and that just sucks. So, I have come up with a little list of things I would like to do or at least attempt to do in 2010. So here they are..what are yours?

swim in the ocean more

be thankful.

get a full nights sleep without a child in my bed

give up chocolate fully (already pretty much done this one..) coke & smoking...
wear more dresses

accept that some are just nasty, and that I will never ever make them happy. no matter what.

laugh more

grow my hair

try and give up my obsession with all things Twilight and Rob Pattinson related..(a toughie!)

expand and grow my business

try not to get another tattoo (this one is for you mumma)

ask for help, when I need it without feeling like a failure

renovate my kitchen

try and find a place to spread my dad's ashes. They cannot sit on my bedside table much longer....he deserves better. Try and start letting him go, try and start accepting that he is really gone, try and forgive myself for not doing something more...

learn to say no more, without feeling guilty

be present

stop apologising for things I didnt even do

all images from weheartit for those who get their nose out of joint for not linking images... ;p

2 little pieces of your mind:

Kazza said...

I love your list. I too, want to wear more dresses and expand my business! Good luck to you, cant wait for the updates!! :) Happy New Year

Kiki said...

Happy days 2010 to you! I can relate to so many items on your list but the one thing for myself that I also need to do is wear more dresses, if I just go by the look on my girls' faces when I slide one over my head then I'm set to shine ;)

All the best for finding that special spot for your Dad and you. It must be so hard.