Wednesday, December 23, 2009

we would so do that..

I spotted this photo over at the lovely Kelly McCalebs Blog.

I had me in fits. We would soooo do that...

ps we would be the house to the right of picture.

hee hee

1 little pieces of your mind:

mimoo said...

hey jo
I have been so out of action as having serious computer problems and have been flat chat with markets and online stuff. I hope you have been super busy and are now cashed up for chrissy!!??

you are soooo lucky you pulled out of Dec market as it was a disaster!!! it was sooooo hot and barely anyone turned up, didnt help that they held their twilight xmas market on the previous friday night as apparently that was a good turn out. nice isnt?

also the extended trading hours of 1-3 was total crap as it was soo hot and I swear you could count on one hand the number of customers that came thru the entire bad in fact that I saw on their christmas retailer newsletter that they have scaled the hours back to closing 1pm! ha not that I take comfort in being right or anything. he
have a great xmas and hope to see you at the next mathildas! :-)Tina
ps love the new tatoo - gorgeous design