Monday, January 18, 2010

painted weekend..

the boy..helping with the painting.

Well, that is the weekend done and dusted. I am happy to report that I got most of the things my list (see below) completed. We spent all day Saturday prepping and painting the kids rooms. The boy was super awesome and hung with us coming in and out whilst playing playstation, watching dvd's and playing with his cars. He was so fabulous..In the late afternoon on Saturday we had had enough and headed to the river for a lovely cool down swim and a spot of fishing. It is just so lovely down there..we are so blessed to live here. We then came home to do some more painting..Sunday was spent on more painting..and hardware visits..Sunday night I got to pick Freckles from her fun filled trip to Mackay. She was so happy to be home, promptly got in the car, talked her head off for maybe 10 mins and then zonked out for the hour trip was so lovely to have her home, I missed her like crazy. So, we are just putting the finishing touches on the kids rooms, tomorrow, the blinds will go up, the fans back up, the new switchplates and then the furniture and fingers crossed they will be back in their rooms by tomorrow night...tonight they are in our room with the air con on because it is sooooooo hot.. As you may have guessed we are renovating our house so I will try and post some before and afters along the way...
Off to bed, night. x

my boys, fishing at the river.

my boy x

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Melow said...

What a lovely way to end the day!! Look forward to seeing those b4 and afters!