Friday, January 8, 2010

Please Nominate Me - I need your help people! (& an incentive!)

Hello all out there,

Just a quick post today asking you for a little teensy weensy bit of your time.

Handmade Kids is running a "Rising Star" promotion for handmade gear and I would love it if you could help Lovestamp become one the finalists. It is pretty easy and will take about as long as it takes to eat a TimTam to if you feel that Lovestamp could be a Rising Star please can you nominate!

Ok so here is what you have to do (you can cut and paste if you like)

1. email with the subject line saying NOMINATION

2. answer two very simple questions which are -

What is the url of the store nominated :

Why do you nominate them?

That is it! Now for the incentive.
If you nominate Lovestamp and CC your nomination email to me at you will go into the draw for a $50 gift voucher to put towards anything you like from Lovestamp! Pretty good incentive hey!

So tell all your friends, and CC me in on those emails to, because everyone you tell will be another entry.

So to summarize, 1 entry for the nomination if I get a CC email, 1 entry for every person you email about how to nominate lovestamp, if I get a CC email..

Cool, so get cracking lovelies. The Nominations close midnight Australia Day 26th January.

The winner of the $50 voucher will be announced the 27th January.

A Huge Thank you in Advance!

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tartankiwi said...

I think you have got a spelling mistake in the email address. Should it not be "handmadekids" instead of "handmadkids"?