Monday, February 1, 2010

look what I made..


So I just wanted to share some pics of a little project I have done. It is actually part of a bigger project, called "Renovating the House" which I will get too at a later date.  A few weeks ago we set about swapping the kids rooms, and then painting them, no mean feet in a trillion degree heat and school holidays (what were we thinking!) Anyway the rooms are pretty much done now and look great..(more on this in a later post) the only thing left is new carpet.

Above and below you can see the before and afters of a little project I did for the boys room.  I got this old display tray at the op shop for I think it was $3, and have had it for a year or so, not knowing exactly what to do with it..and then it hit me...


So I got out the old spray paint (I Love spraypaint) and gave it a few coats of gloss white. It now takes pride of place above the boy's bed with a stack of his matchbox cars in it. He loves it because he can change it around whenever he gets a new favourite.  I love it too because finally this little piece is being put to good use..

Let me know what you think??

The finished product!

3 little pieces of your mind:

Chicken Ink. said...

LOVE IT! I am such a fan of op shops and giving new life to great old things. Well done!

Kellyansapansa said...

That looks fabulous! How creative you are - I never would have thought of using it in this way.

Sarah said...

It looks fantastic! Great idea. I have 2 little boys who would love something like that :)