Monday, February 22, 2010

Today I cried..

If you have been watching the news in the last 24 hours you will know that in our local community here on the Sunshine Coast and now as far as Bundaberg it has been a horrific 24 hours.  This morning as I sat and watched the morning news..which by the way I never do..tears streamed down my face as I heard about our local bubba Conan Ruster. He was found this morning drowned in the dam that is on his property here in Tewantin. He was just 22 months old. I cried for his parents, his family and friends..I cannot begin to comprehend what they are going through, but we are a small community and they will be rallied around and supported as much as possible.

Then, the story of the 8 year old girl, stolen from her bed in the night, horrific things done to her and dumped in a drain. What the f*&k..I am sorry but this story has just dominated my thoughts today along with little Conan. I cannot evern fathom how those parents are feeling.  As the mother of an 8 year old daughter, it sent chills through me as I watched the story unfold..I just do not understand put your baby to bed, kiss them goodnight and wake up to a now, neverending nightmare. Who are these monsters who think they can take these children..I just dont understand...

Then there are the 3 young men who fell to their death at Pt Arkwright yesterday. Alcohol and and arguement and now they are all dead, early 20's young men, lost. We also lost 2 other young men in an accident just a kilometre up the road last wednesday..more death on our roads.

I cried today for the 7 mothers of these beautiful children they have lost. I cried for their pain, for their questioning, for their lives as they know it now. I do not know what it must be like to lose a child, and I hope I will never have to..but today I cried for these mothers.

So please do as I did tonight, hold you kids a little longer for those mothers who cannot..

I hope they can find a light at the end of the tunnel, some peace somewhere, sometime soon.


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Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I haven't watched the news today, although I do everyday... and I've heard snippets on the radio. My heart ached today.

I imagined the families just days ago not knowing in the slightest what lay ahead. I imagined myself in their same position and then quickly wiped the thought from my mind.

Lacey is just 22 months, I nanny for a 9 year old. It's so wrong on every level.

I have been watching Lacey breathe as she sleeps, her little chest rising and falling next to me, and thinking what a blessing this is. xx

che carina! said...

how sad..yes you're so right..we need to cherish our little ones..cos you just never know. and after a rather difficult day with my children today i think i'll just forget myself and go and treasure them. kinda sad that it sometimes takes a tragedy for me to want to hug them a little longer. thank you for your post.

i too hope that those mothers and families affected will find comfort soon.

Andy Mum said...

I was devastated to here of the loss of these 2 precious little children today.. I have only lived in the Tewantin Community for the last 12 months but i have a 10 yr old daughter at the local school and a 3 yr old daughter at the local daycare and a 10 month old little boy.. we also live rural and in close proximity of dams and i just cant get it out of mind.. as a Mum I know u cant watch ur children 24/7 and just how easy it is to turn ur back for a few seconds and they r gone.. I cant even begin to imagine how the families and friends of these 2 precious little children will cope with this tragic loss as i myself cant even fathom how i would cope in the same circumstances or with the loss of any of my children.. I feel like i have to do something for Conans family I dont know them but i would really like to help.. so if u know of anything i can do or anything the community is organising to help this family in this time of tragic loss can u please let me know.. I myself am goin to hug and kiss my babies and say a prayer for the families and friends of these 2 little children.. RIP Conan & Trinity Spread ur Wings & Fly Little Angels and I hope ur family & friends can feel u near and shining on them from above to help them through this tragic time until U meet again..

Little Pinwheel said...

these are the very reasons why I do not watch the news. It breaks my heart so much to hear stories like these. The pain that they are all going is something I could not even put into words. I never knew about these stories until I read your blog this morning. I will cuddle my little ones more and know I am lucky to have them.

my thoughts go out to the families affected xoxo

littlechrissy said...

Awful isn't it. I work as a journo at the courts and my days seem to be filled with these sorts of stories.
This is why I craft, bake, sing in my office, dance in my loungeroom, plant herbs and delight in simple things like the smell of rain, or a hot cup of tea.
Because otherwise I risk being swamped in the sadness that comes with this job.
Life is so short and precious.