Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Imagine if you will, just for a have a child..and one day for no reason you say goodbye to them as you drop them back to the other parents house, and then do not see them again. Can you imagine that?
Well this is the scenario my little brother has been living with for over 5 years. His story is long, I mean very long. He had a son at just turned 17.   It is dotted with lots of ups and downs. He has tried to see his son on numerous occasions, but it never eventuated. Imagine that.

Today however was a new day.  Today he got to hold his boy in his arms again and hear him say "Daddy, I love you, Daddy I missed you". Today we cried........alot.
There are so many things that could be said. Lots of heartaches, tears, anger, resentment, disappointment, frustration and probably even hate. But in the end it all came down to that moment when he held his son in his arms an 11 year old boy..not 6 anymore. No matter what has happened, he needs his son in his life, and his son needs his Dad.

I am so proud of my brother for stepping up and working so hard towards seeing his boy again.

I cannot wait to see you again...You have never been far from our thoughts, we have thought of you every day.

To my mum, the foreve rock and light at the end of the tunnel. You are by far the most supportive, patient, understanding, loving, unconditional person..words do not ever seem enough.

All my love.

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Kiki said...

WOW! I can relate. My brother and a cousin (male) have these issues. It is emotionally draining. The ups and downs for the entire family are never far. I am so happy to read a success story.

How lucky is your brother, and more importantly, how lucky is HIS son?! All the best for your reunion.

ricebabies said...

I cried too, just reading this. Never under estimate a fathers love for their children.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh my goodness. Goosebumps!

I can only imagine the emotion.

I am so proud of your brother.

His son will thank him forever for never giving up. Love is so strong. x

Blythe said...

Wow, that is both a heart breaking and a wonderful story. The emotions involved... So glad for your brother and his son. xx