Monday, June 7, 2010

ok so I am back, sorry for the hiatus but things have been a little crazy around here. Firstly my point and shoot for today. This is a photo of my boy that I snapped yesterday sitting in the sun, he was mucking around with his daddas hat, how handsome is he??? Yesterday we spent a fabulous winters afternoon at the Peregian Originals. What are they you ask! Well it is a free concert put on in the park at the Surf Club Peregian every second weekend on a sunday afternoon. Lots of lovely local bands come and play for free while we lull the afternoon away, sitting in the sun, watching the kids play and drinking beer..perfect huh! Yesterday was the first time we had been and we will definately be going back. We spent the afternoon with new and old friends and had a much so the kids were passed out in the back seat on the way home at 6.30pm yeeha! So if you are every on the Sunny Coast, go to the website above and do your self a favour!
Now, to the rest of our week...last weekend I was in Melbourne for Mathildas and had a fabulous time, lots of loveliness to be had and had a hugely successful day..thinking I might be back in August!. I spent the weekend with my gorgeous family and stayed with my awesome cousine Rach at my Aunty and Uncles house..which just felt like home. My cousin Rach came and helped me at the Market and we had a fabulous time, lots of laughing and talking and some crying (long story). Melbourne I love you and will be back.
I got home Monday and the days then rolled into one another, busy busy busy trying to catch up. Then it all came to a crashing halt on Friday morning. Something happened, I got sick, very sick very quickly and ended up in hospital on Friday afternoon on god forsaken drips, ECG machines and then to top it all off Morphine..(now that is good stuff!) In the end they sent me home with "Undiagnosed Pain" and tole me to take it VERY easy and keep and eye on it. So Saturday I spent in bed all day, thanks to my gorgeous family of nurses! Saturday I babysat the lovely Miss Trin and my kiddies while the adults went out to play at the local boxing derby....very funny watching intoxicated people try and hold a conversation when you are not intoxicated! Sunday dawdled around home then out for some socialising...all in all a good weekend.

Me, still not feeling 100%, but getting there...Mr Petrie has "The Man Flu" so struggling..I have to take the boy to the docs tomorrow as he is not well and then the dentist on friday for me..oh the joys! But Saturday I have a date with the girls for Sex and the City and tomorrow night is book club night..YAY..some lovely lights at the end of my tunnel...

I hope you all have a lovely week, and I promise I wont be away for so long next time..

Here are some pics of Melbourne..


aww baby Trifun and his gorgeous mumma stopped in to say Hi in Melbourne, with her lovely new Stacking Rings!

beautiful Malvern Town Hall

It was crazy busy and we loved it!

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Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Awww. Your boy is beautiful.

I'll have to grab your number. We'll be up that way soon.