Sunday, August 28, 2011

project : drinks trolley

ok, so i love a good project, well I love to start them, not so great at finishing them. Anywho..I have one at the moment, (one of many!). I am in love with the concept of a drinks/bar, butlers trolley for my living room...I don't know why there is just something cool about I found one on ebay.. and here she is...

I was inspired by some gorgeous pics, that i found on one of my new addictions, pinterest. have a look the beauties i found below..just gorgeous.. now mine sweetheart is going to be painted in a gorgeous shade of grey... cannot wait to see how she turns out, and then to have some gorgeous girls round for a g & t or two..anyone interested??

check these out in the meantime..

1 little pieces of your mind:

littlechrissy said...

Wow! I need a bigger apartment so I have space for one of these :-)