Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter came & went..

Okay so it came and went without a hitch. The easter bunny left some lovely things, a beanbag each for the kiddies and some eggs and a nice big Red Tulip egg for me!

We had a lovely time just hanging out because we were still in quarantine from the tummy bug, so we went down to the park and cooked breakfast, came home had a nap and then went to the beach in the was a lovely family kinda day.

Today (Monday) we just did house stuff, you cleaning etc, Ruby had to go to the doctors as she has a bad hip at the moment, very badly bruised or maybe a green stick fracture, has to have scans later this week. She jumped off the top of an iron bed last weekend and landed on a ladder...the wrong way! Kids!

Well, tomorrow is the dreaded "Weigh In" day. I am nervous, although throwing up for 3 days has certainly helped I hope! Anyway we will see what tomorrow brings...stay tuned.

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