Thursday, March 27, 2008

good day...

Ok so today was a good day. Had work today, which I really enjoy, it stops my mind from wandering and lets me think about something else other than what needs to be done at home. So that was good..Picked up the girls from school and went on down to the bike track where they scootered ( is that even a word) and I walked the 3.5km circuit which was great fun. Then my sister in law arrived and we had an awesome dinner that I cooked, a ww recipe called Lemon Thyme chicken with vegetables...delicious and only 3.5 points per serve. Then just hung out and chatted, did some ironing and that was it. Only caved once today, bought a icy cold can of coke at the supermarket..needed the sugar, but not too bad overall. My sister in law is staying for a couple of days to watch the kids as we are going to the Lions vs Collingwood game tomorrow night...Woo Hoo go the pies! So I best get some sleep, gonna try and get a walk in in the morning before breakfast with the girls.

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Blogger K L said...

sounds like a great day! With so much exercise and healthy eating - well done! Hope you enjoy today's walk too.