Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fell off the wagon a little today....

Ok so had a bad day started off sooooo well so it gives me the shits a little that is ended up sort muddled! Last night my dear hubby needed to go and get the tyres on his new bicycle (a gift from the kids for his 40th last month), anyway he had to walk the bike to the servo, so I decided it was a good oppurtunity to go for a threw H in the pram and R rode her scooter and off we went, so that was great. Anyway so this morning I got awoken by my little monster H, at 6am, lay there contemplating should I go for a walk, yes, no, yes, no..finally yes..I did it I got up and went for a walk/jog (trying out some interval training) and it was great, lovely fresh and crisp..But then it went downhill from there, locked my keys in the car with my wallet and phone at woolies, had to ring dear hubby to rescue me & h, then get to work and there is no I can do zero work at sit there for four hours twiddling my the end bailed and came home, BUT and this is where I fell off the wagon....stopped at the servo to get petrol and got sucked in by the allens lollies...Retro Party Mix! These evil lollies got me at a week moment, so I purchased my contraband and went home to curl up on the couch and watch Oprah, whilst I scoffed the whole lot! And I felt like rubbish for the rest of the afternoon. The only thing that lifted my mood was a sneaky coffee with my girlfriend Kylie, she had cappucino, I had a diet coke, the girls had yummo kiddy iced chocolates! So that was cool, oh and I saw that old guy, from the biggest loser, you know the one who left with the heart condition, the one who became a grandad, he lives near me and I saw him today and he looks that gave me a little bit of hope.

Anyway that was my day...all in all a little muddled, but it is a new day tomorrow and I will go for another walk tomorrow to make up for it. The other thing that is fantastic is that my gorgeous bestie Mary, her baby boy Samuel is coming home from ICU on saturday....WOO HOO! that makes my bag of lollies seem so insignificent...

Anyway off to bed.

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Blogger K L said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog - I feel a bit excited to see you've linked it to your blog, wow! That's really sweet.

1.9 is a huge loss!! 1kg for next week is a huge goal - I'm sure you can make it. But even if you maintain that 1.9 for a whole week (especially with being sick the week leading up to it) then that will also be a huge achievement!

I totally identify with your lolly scoffing - I have the same weak spots. Good work getting back on track with a diet coke instead of succumbing and writing off the day - that's awesome!!! One of my big things to work on is getting back on track straight after a little slip, rather than writing off the day. So I'm feeling encouraged!

looking forward to the next post!


Emma said...

Hey Jogirl, thanks for the comments on my blog. I was just having a look at yours, and, assuming they're your feet, we have just about the same tattoo in the exact same spot!