Monday, March 31, 2008

Weigh In Eve...

Ok, so Monday, good day, bit tired and rough around the edges as little man H decided that last night was a good night to use me as a punching bag all night in his sleep, lucky he is so darn cute! So no sleep and am a little bit tired. Just ran around doing errands and stuff nothing too exciting, came home cooked up dinner early (WW Shepards Pie = it was yum!) Then went and caught up with my beautiful girlfriend A and her 3 wee ones. My lovely hubby came home early so I could go for my walk, and whilst I was doing that he finished dinner and bathed the kiddies..god love him! I am feeling a little hesitant about weigh in tomorrow, dont feel I have lost at all, even though I have tried really hard and have walked quite a bit this week. I have also been trying the Interval training, i read it in the current issue of WW Mag (PG 38) and so I hope that will make a bit of a difference, as long as I dont gain I will be a happy girl.

Anyway other than that, all is well and good, early night for me so i can get up and do my walk before weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck!

2 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Hey Hey Jo, good luck for tomorrow, im sure you will do fine, i will be checking to see how well you did =) p.s Your golden haired boy is indeed, gorgeous! xx

Claire said...

good luck for your weigh in and thanks for my message :)
Not meaning to upset people thats for sure! Just venting space :)

I will be keeping an eye on your blog to!!