Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hey there

So, I am back chook, here I sorry I am so tired. Been working for the past couple of days and the lovely little children are still a bit out of sorts from the weekend. I also had some more bad news, starting to think I am jinxed, a lovely friend of mine, her hubby is in critical condition in hospital in America, we dont know what happend it is all a mystery at the moment, he was found on the side of the road...will know more hopefully in the next couple of days.
Other than that, work was good, busy but good. My house looks like a tip, but ho hum, who cares as long as my babies are happy I dont care! Been walking too which is good for me. My Mums birthday yesterday, she is coming up tomorrow night to visit and we are going shopping all day Saturday..which will be good. I miss her and havent seen her for awhile. We are currently painting a table and chairs for the patio at work, and Freckles has gym and a disco tomorrow night so she is super excited. DH is going to the boxing with mates, so I have a date with some dvds and the couch...wooo hooo!
Other than that all is well with me, heading out for breakky and a walk with the girls in the morning and then to get mums birthday present.
Hope you are all doing well...till tomorrow. xo

Today I am grateful for....
1. my family being safe and well here in my little home.
2. work, it quiets my mind.
3. Maccas playground, great for afterschool catchup coffee with the girls
4. Hot showers...nothing more to say
5. Trinny and Susannah...I love those girls!

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Elisha said...

There's my girl - Good to have you back sweety. I am so sorry to hear about your friends hubby - You sure are havin a run of bad luck with that stuff! All my love and thoughts are whisping across the states..... Big Hugs!!

In other news your so busy! No wonder we havent seen you - Freckles will love her night out and make sure you enjoy your time at home - I will be doing the same. Love my snuggle up DVD nights, going to hire
" P.s I love you" tomorrow night!! Big lovies - Love you loads beautiful. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox