Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A few days later...

Ok, so we went camping over the long weekend, and it was absolutely awesome, just what my little family needed. We set off on Saturday, and arrived around lunch time. We set up camp and headed down the water with the boats for a bit of fun, and pretty much followed this lead all weekend. From sunup to sundown, the kids had an absolute blast and so did we (see photos) So thanks to all the "Dirty Rotten Campers" team for another successfuly weekend, cannot wait for the next one...also a big shout out to Big Phil, for the black Sambucca...yummy!
Freckles was back at school today, tired but happy, but not for long. She came home an absolute mess because one of her all time favourite teachers passed away suddenly on the weekend. She is mortified...just getting back on her feet after my dad's death and my grandmothers, now this..life can give you a cruel blow sometimes...but we will take this in our stride. I have spoken to the the school councillor and we had an appointment for tomorrow but he is very busy with all this at the moment, so I will catch up with him next week, he is going to check in with freckles during the week. I will try and help her as best I can, but it brings up a whole lot of stuff for me..more of that later.
Other than that all good around here, found the most amazing discovery in down town Murgon...chocolate covered snakes...oh my god...Yummy!!!!!
Anyway, that is all for tonight, I am off to bed, froze my butt off camping, so lovin my bed right now...I am going to dive in...kisses.... xoxo

I am grateful for today...

1. camping with great friends...totally awesome

2. chocolate snakes...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

3. my freckles school community, which will overcome.

4. My big sister and her selfless giving.

5. My dh for bringing me home, one single chocolate, when he knew I needed it.

***New look blog...what a drama, changed the look as I like to change things up a bit...and totally lost all my links and everything, so I am starting over...but I do like it alot** Thanks for the positive feedback***

2 little pieces of your mind:

Blogger K L said...

Chocolate covered snakes? Like jelly snakes? Wow!

Sounds like your camping trip was a great time away with family (and sambucca! hehe!) and the photos look awesome.

I'm sorry you've had so many losses in your family recently, and now another loss. Freckles is lucky she has such a great mum to go to.

Rest well - you deserve it xx

Belinda said...

Hey Chicky
Glad to see you had a lovely time away, love the pic of you in your pjs in front of the camp bbq!
Sorry to hear about Freckle's tough times, she will get through it with your wisdom and guidance!
Thanks for your email re the dress, all went well will post pics in due course!
PS I really like the new look!