Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maroon all round.

Ok so tonight is the first State Of Origin, so here we sit, all rugged up..dh in his million year old origin jersey, me in my maroon shirt and scarf, the boy in his beanie pj's and freckles, well she has been in bed for hours.... but the boy is still up! Dh was on bedtime duty tonite but left it too late and let the little bugger run around and stuff, so now he is on our bed with the portable dvd player watching dvd no.2..he has watched babe and now watching Nemo, so dear daddy can watch the footy....oh well...not my problem tonite..I am too busy getting stuff ready for my sister in laws arrival tomorrow, work, school, daycare, a workshop presentation tomorrow night...washing and making sure I squirt the toilet with some domestos to attempt that just cleaned feeling for my guest.

Anyway, big day at work...did manage a walk this afternoon though, but this was unfortunatley followed up by maccas as it was after 6pm before I had collected both going to have to do double the work tomorrow.

Anyway, must continue folding, whilst cheering..and drinking of course red/maroon wine...


Grateful for today.....
1. the beautiful moon rising, big, bright and bold
2. cold nights, good enough to snuggle the one I love
3. Cheeseburgers...nothing more to say.
4. work, it makes me tired but happy.
5. my kids, for just doing what they do and being who they are.

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