Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where do the days go?

Sometimes the days disappear like those socks in the washing machine...where do they go?
The last few days have been like that fo me. We have been working full on, and presented our first Workshop on Thursday night with two other local businesses..and guess what? It was a great success! We have even been asked by one of the attendees if we could do another one at her workplace for around 80 cool is that! So hence to say we were very happy and glad for all the hard work we put in. My lovely sister in law came up for the workshop and to play mum to the kids for me while we did the workshop. She is single and loves coming and doing all the normal routine things with the kids which is great...we went out for breakfast before work yesterday and then hung out at home for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and watched "Death at a Funeral" which was so hilarious I nearly peed my pants!

Anyway, no big weekend planned here, dh at a retreat all weekend, freckles playdate/sleepover today, the boy...he is just hanging with mumma. I am up super early so I am heading to the garage sales this morning..everyone is still asleep.
Anyway have a lovely weekend!
Grateful for today...

1. Garlic & Cheese Pizza bread, yum
2. the kids racing the cars when people cute
3. dh being proud of me for all I achieved this week
4. the smile on freckles face at the end of a tiring but fun day.
5. the boy wearing pj's to daycare..for pj day!

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Elisha said...

Hello Honey Bunny! So glad your workshop was such a hit - so proud of you!! Can only get bigger and better from here - congrats to you and DH for that one!

Im sorry i havent been commenting, been just so busy, but i have been reading and staying up to date with you - You sound good, happy, its lovely to see - I have tagged you in my post today ( never been tagged before, very new to me) lol... Look fwd to reading your 7 things. xxxxxxx Lovers you. xxxxx