Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sand in my toes.....

My favourite Beach
This is my favourite beach. I try and walk on it whenever I can. I walked on it today and it was lovely, bit windy and cold, but still fabulous. The sand was very wet and soggy and I sunk down an inch everytime I stepped. But still I loved it.
Other than that had a good day at work, very busy, but good.
My babies were great today, very happy and bubbly.
All in all a great day.
Hope you all had the same.
Till tomorrow.
Today I am grateful for...
1. My favourite beach and getting to spend time on it
2. sand between my toes
3. snuggle time with my boy and the stories he tells when we do it...they kill me
4. my dh for appreciating me working, for helping him and for telling me so
5. getting mail that isnt bills

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